Rhythm is meditative and brings us to a state of no-mind. (a slow brain-wave that allows for deep focus and concentration.) It induces a state of peacefulness where anxieties and stress fade through the act of drumming.

Drumming can empower the student to open doors, and become inspired. The roots of drumming and music itself run very deep, and is therapeutic, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Drumming may be used to combat stress, anxiety and burn-out in the workplace, in addition to a variety of other settings.


Medical scientists have shown that drumming alleviates the body's response to stress and increases the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells.
(Bittman, Berk, Felten, Westengard, Simonton, Pappas, Ninehouser, 2001, Alternate Therapies, Vol 7, No. 1)

"Important scientific evidence documenting potential health benefits with a single group drumming session. Statistically significant increased activity of cellular immune components responsible for seeking out destroying cancer cells and viruses were noted in normal subjects that drummed."
(Dr. Barry Bittman MD.)

Research has shown that participating in drum circles can boost the immune system, speed up healing, and can ease the symptoms of high blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons's disease and other afflictions. Many hospitals host drum circles for their patients, in fact, it's been found that a specific type of group drumming stimulates white blood cells, which destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells, in addition to proven neurological and psychological benefits.


In general, the right and left hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. The learning and thinking process is enhanced when the brain participates in a balanced manner. Most people, for a multitude of reasons, tend to process information using their dominant side (often to the detriment of their less-developed side).

The bilateral nature of drumming makes it an excellent tool for strengthening the less dominant hemisphere of the brain.

Recent scientific literature has revealed a significant improvement in A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. by a series of cross body independent limb exercise known as Brain Gym. Drums are the musical instrument that most duplicated these effects and therefore improves the condition of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. via independent cross body limb exercise. These synergistic exercises have been shown to improve grades in math, science, and English as well as improve co-ordination skills for sports. The ability to play drums is easy and the benefits are profound.


Mutual acknowledgement and respect for others emerge as each participant sees the overall sound is greater than any individual part. Drumming becomes a very powerful experience of successfully working together.

Some further benefits of drumming are:

  • Educational-driven
  • The ultimate Brain-gym exercise creates a slower brain state that allows for longer periods of focus and concentration
  • Building Team ship and Leadership skills and Improved corporate morale
  • Develop Spacial Awareness
  • Creative Thinking
  • Lowers blood pressure and works the cardiovascular system


Fortune 500 companies across North America are now holding weekly employee drum circles as an expression of their commitment to team-building and employee satisfaction.

Drumming improves employee morale, reduces stress and increases the body's disease fighting capability.

Toyota's Associate Development Manager, Ron Johnson, says drumming is 'a powerful metaphor for high-performance teaming and what those high-performance teams can look like'. Toyota recently spent $20,000 to outfit a drumming room on the top floor of their training center in Torrance, CA. Drum circles are held about twice a week, and more than 3000 Toyota associates have participated in drum circles.

Drumming has been used to unite, uplift and inspire teams for thousands of years. The drum is an ancient tool of communication and community building. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the center of the village to make music. This joyous making of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity, thus enabling communities to become more effective in their decision-making.

A business is a community and the value of a united community is priceless. Drumming in a group will build your team, enhance togetherness and improve group dynamics.

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