"A fantastic way to get students interested in Music! Jody has been offering drumming to our Grade 7 and 8 students since September 2011. At first the students were a little shy to tap out rhythms and lead drumming circle activities, however, now they are fully engaged and can't wait for the next class. The program is teaching the students about world beats, the history of drumming, creativity, and most importantly, the value of group collaboration. Because drumming incorporates left and right brain activities, its benefits extend far beyond the Music classroom into other subject areas to improve focus and concentration. I would highly recommend Jody Marsolais and the drumming program to any school that wishes to improve student achievement."
     Cindy Danaher, teacher, Char-Lan District Intermediate High School

"The sounds of djembes and other drums from The Rhythm Room was like hearing the heart beat of the first ever Mad Moose Television Kidz Zone at Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off. To hear those tribal rythms resonate throughout the area as Jody led kids through free hand drumming lessons was music to the ears of all festival goers. Jody was a real trooper through the heat and rain still making all his scheduled appearances whether it was teaching 2 kids or 20. MMTV's Kidz Zone was a huge success and The Rhythm Room played a big role in helping us get there. We will look forward to working together again in the future."
     The Mad Moose Television Team

"We engaged Jody's company for the Christmas party for the management team at Kraft Canada in December 2009. Jody and his helpers lead a group of 20 of us through a drumming lesson and a fun competition for about 2 hours. It was a great activity, very different for everyone and the best thing about it was that everyone could participate regardless of their ability or level of experience. Jody's team was helpful and encouraging and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would recommend it without hesitation as a fun and interesting way to liven up your meeting or party."
     Courtney Maruno, Human Resources Manager, Kraft Canada Ingleside Plant

"For the past few years I've wanted to learn how to drum. I just want to expand my mind, and coordinate myself while while learning a musical instrument. So at thirty years old I decided to finally learn the drums. Jody Marsolais was referred to me as the guy to go to for the drum lessons. He has taught other people that I know, and they all seemed pleased with his teaching techniques and his patience. I've been taking lessons for almost a year now, and this old dog is learning new tricks. Jody has shown me how to focus, and use both sides of my mind simultaneously. I have enjoyed the lessons as I feel good about what I'm doing. It is a difficult instrument to learn, but Jody has built my confidence with a drum kit."
     Chris Rohde, Cogeco - Cornwall, Ont.

"Jody had worked with me at CCVS to help with some of the various dance exercises providing some interesting drum rhythms for the students to get creative with.
Not only are the lessons a thrill to take part in, but they reveal an inner drummer in everyone. It really is an amazing thing to see and be a part of.
A truly engaging atmosphere is the result of drumming with the Rhythm Room. The wide array of styles offered gives the learner many options for exploration of rhythm and dynamics. This rich body of styles lends itself to creating your own techniques and approaches to the drums.
It begins with a pulse and transforms to inrricate rhythms that call to your feet, hands and heart. The diversity in which lessons are offered can best be described as interactive, exciting, and soulful. What a wonderful experience it is to drum with others. "

     Amanda Marini, Performing Arts Teacher, CCVS - Cornwall, Ont.

"I have performed with the Rhythm Room at Cafe Connections and also for the Parade of Nations, and found Jody and company to be professional, friendly, well organized, and very enjoyable overall to work with.
I was impressed with how quickly the crowd responded to the music, and at the Parade of Nations, people seemed to come out of nowhere once we began performing."

     John Lister, Fingerman Studios - Cornwall, Ont.

"Amsterdam Products approached Jody to do a Drumming Team Building exercise at our facility, knowing it would be a great way for employees to interact with one another off work hours, release stress and unwind. We were shown different drum beats, explained how drumming affects the brain in a positive way. Little did we know how much fun and excitement it was going to be, the group was engaged and involved, having fun and showing off their hidden talents. Not only were we drumming, we were dancing and playing other instruments. This workshop was the BUZZ of the office. Employees have already stated they want to do this again. Those not able to attend have asked if we can set up another drumming session, based on the feedback from the group."
     Janet St. Pierre - Cornwall, Ont.

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