Corporate drumming is a collaboratively self organized musical event created 'in the moment' by al the people who participate. When communitiy drums together sharing in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships for the positive. As we play together, we give ourselves a rhythmical massage and emotional release and a healing.

Corporate drumming: Talking Drums Team Builders.

A "Talking Drums" team building session can simply be a fun activity that creates a great team atmosphere, or can highlight specific aspects of teams and working in a group, including roles, dynamics, synergy, leadership, clarity, listening, support, humanity, flexibility etc.

The Rythym Room conducts several workshops using specific team. The Rythym Room also offers workshops to create ice breakers as well as Unison between all demographics in a business environment.

Many clients simply want a uniting and motivating activity that’s great fun and creates a great team spirit, but if there is a specific theme to the session, Jody is usually able to find a way of making metaphors or analogies out of the session that can link in, although any messages are delivered in a casual, non patronising but definitely in a motivating way!!

For businesses undergoing structural or organisational change and enhancing Business Dynamics, The Rythym Room has developed a Team Builder which may incorporate Dominique Chabot-Payment who presents in building a stronger work environment with her workshop of "Inspiring versus Motivating".

Talking Drums creates a powerful team spirit and has the following benefits:

  • Breaks through barriers of age, gender, culture, language, and race
  • Every individual is equally important, whether management or employee - can help break down hierarchical barriers
  • Stimulates and awakens all the senses - ideal for energising weary conference attendees
  • Can be used as a metaphor to tie in with event specific messages, themes and learning points
  • Flexible - all activities can be geared to specific events, so that events are bespoke rather than "off the shelf"
  • The event can take place anywhere - business premises, conference centres, external venues etc.
  • Increases awareness of others - participants positively listen and respond to each other
  • Enhances focus, clarity of thinking and receptiveness to outside influences
  • Individuals feel the power and benefit of a group and can take a leading or supportive role
  • The result is immediate - participants experience the positive and inspiring effect instantly, building confidence and team cohesiveness
  • Highlights the importance of dynamics within a group
  • Inspirational, entertaining, highly motivating, and stress relieving
  • Highlights the place of individuality within a group - there is no right or wrong way to participate - whilst at the same time emphasising the power and significance of a team
  • Participants feel exhilarated by the energy of the group
  • Initial scepticism is quickly dissipated and replaced by enthusiasm - great metaphor for embracing change and being open to new ideas
  • No previous experience of playing drums is required

Synergy - sessions build an immediate synergy within a group that can normally take a long time to develop. They are non-competitive, and with everyone making music in union and unison barriers are quickly broken down, and in a short time a bonding connection is created. The fun shared experience helps to develop a cohesive group in which everyone is at the same time equal and essential in creating the rhythm. Making music in a group is a perfect metaphor for working as a team.

Easy - anyone can make a sound with a drum or percussion instrument, and, with facilitation, everyone can play a simple rhythm, (for example "We Will Rock You" or the "Football Clap" performed at football matches around the country), so with relatively little effort and time a group of completely inexperienced players can sound like a powerful tribal drum group.

Rhythm - making music empowers a team to do things they never would have thought possible, bringing unity to a group whilst bringing out its humanity. Rhythm is the foundation of language and communication - the world moves in rhythm, and it is at the core of all life. Rhythm is inherent in everyone, yet people rarely have the chance to express it individually or collectively. Talking Drums gives individuals a powerful, enthralling and highly energising opportunity to do just that.

Concentration - music helps tune in the mind, enabling full concentration and attention. As an ice breaker at the start of a conference Talking Drums enables delegates to forget their current concerns and anxieties, enhancing their ability to focus on the ensuing programme. A quick burst of activity and rhythm between speakers or presentations can help individuals to re-focus, whilst at the same time invigorating and “enthusing” them, creating a more positive attitude towards the content of the conference or event. After meals or breaks during the day Talking Drums activities are perfect for bringing everyone back together and stimulating them ready for the next presentation.

Enjoyment - making music in a group is highly enjoyable, entertaining, and perfect for generating a positive team spirit, enhancing confidence, camaraderie and self-esteem. Talking Drums is not just impressive – it enables groups and individuals to impress themselves with their collective creativity and intrinsic ability.

The Team Building Activities are as follows:

  1. Introduce the concept, benefits, and history of teambuilding in the workplace.
  2. Begin with hand techniques, and “the heartbeat rhythm”.
  3. Simple hand to hand patterns.
  4. Journey on the drums (warm up).
  5. Rumble in the jungle (creating a sound wave).
  6. Talk\ response exercises with drums and bells.
  7. The Human Drum set (three groups).
  8. Human Dominoes (team reflex-building exercise)
  9. Compose some group rhythms with drums and percussion.
  10. Group into tribes to compete with each other by composing a tribe rhythm.


Upon request, live dance may also be available with the drumming. A dance instructor will lead participants through specific dance moves.

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