The Rythym Room school workshops offer children the opportunity to express themselves, learn & perform. We aim to educate, enrich and inspire. Our music workshops include traditional African drumming and composition with a variety of Percussions with emphasis on the Four Main Ways of Counting Music.

Our fully interactive workshops offer children the opportunity to work with SD&G’s leading professional in this unique, interactive and engaging music lesson and team builder.

The Rythym Room offers a great variety of sessions to primary schools and each day can be tailored to your own requirements creating the ideal package for your school.

The Rythym Room also provides an inspirational day of music in your primary school to include composing and performing alongside their friends and teachers while learning about different cultures with a touch of history on the origins of the arts of drumming.

Bring African culture to your school with one of our African Drumming workshops.

An African Drumming workshop enables the pupils to hear traditional instruments being played by the children accompanying songs from across the African continent. Within African drumming workshops, the children can experience drumbeat and camaraderie, by working together to create their own compositions.

The Rythym Room instructor will deliver a fully interactive African Drumming day and can work with children from Pre-Kindergardens to grade 8 with up to six groups in a day, every child is provided with a traditional African instrument and using call and response techniques will perform and immerse themselves in the different cultures.

Each group will be lead in a drum circle which creates a feeling of unity and community. There isn't an audience; everyone is part of the team contributing to the music.

The sessions will boost the energy and receptivity of the children and teachers, along with enhancing listening and team building skills.

The day can culminate in a large African Drumming performance, showcasing the songs learnt throughout the day.

School Workshops:

    Level 1: Introduction to Drumming and the Four Main Ways to Counting Music.

    Keeping your schools educational curriculum in mind, the introduction to drumming and the four main ways to counting music provides an interactive setting for the class. Each child will be given a pad and drum sticks to ensure that they are ready to begin their first lesson. This level will give the children a basic foundation of music along with some theory applicable to all instruments.

    Introduction to Drumming and the Four Main Ways to Counting Music will help the child develop their “feel” for rhythm as it stimulates both sides of the brain while creating a sense of independence and freedom.

    Level 2: Introduction to Music with Drums as a Team or as a Group.

    Introduction to Music with Drums as a Team or as a Group is a great way to promote unity and eliminating segregation. This level focuses on various ways of exploring rhythms through team efforts as each child plays a very important part. Its more advanced tactics will require children to learn how to work with several beats while mixing rhythm with their friends and classmates.

    Each group is designed to work as a team and create their own sound as it is composed in a way that includes each and every member of the team to finish with a wonderful compilation of sounds and music using various drums and percussions.

    Level 3: African Hand Drumming Team Building and Group Composition.

    African Hand Drumming Team Building and Group Composition is a unique form of team building which allows children to take ownership and pride in the art of music and rhythm.

    This level will allocate each group to have a leader who gives direction to the group on how they will introduce the name of their group and why they had selected the type of rhythm to present. A designer or composer who selects what type of rhythm the group will perform and an orchestrator who selects what instruments each child in their group will play. This exercise implements structure while teaching children to respect. The final presentation will surely be an unforgettable performance!

    African Drumming uses traditional African instruments and the children will create sounds and music from the continent. Every child will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst experiencing a feeling of unity as part of a drum circle. Our African drumming workshops are a great introduction to rhythym and basic percussion techniques.

Solo or Incorporated Service:
Music and Colour Association with Boomwhackers.

    These fun and easy-to-play tubes are color-coded through the musical scale, and the musical notes in this song collection are coloured to match. It is specially designed to help children easily learn to play these songs in the C Major Diatonic Scale (like a piano's white keys). The notes of the songs are also individually labelled to help reinforce the association with the correct tube. The color associations and exposure to musical notation in a book assist a child in learning to read music as well as play music.

    Research has shown that learning to read and play music has a positive impact on many aspects of cognitive and social development. The list includes abstract conceptual thinking, language development, reading, memory, creativity, motor development and coordination, and personal and social adjustment.


Upon request, live dance may also be available with the drumming. A dance instructor will lead participants through specific dance moves.

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